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Comments by wdtr2

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Possible issue on the ability to make a move[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-10-18 UTC

Not sure what happened. It is working now. Thank you.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-10-17 UTC

In my current game (active) "Catapults of Troy". It seems to be my turn. I click the game and the board shows up showing my opponent's last move. There is a Gray button saying "userid to move". So far so good, normal behavior. I click that button. A new screen appears the banner on that page says "Make and Preview Your Move" It shows the board but it seems to be missing a whole section/div. There is no textbox or any buttons where I can enter moves. I am sort-of stuck in pre-to-middle move with no ability to make a move. My other games that have "show legal moves" are working fine. I think this game has no programming code in it, and might not be interacting with the php modules that lets you make moves properly.

This item is a reference work
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wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-26 UTC

I often click the opponent piece to review what moves it can do. This is quite useful in chess with different armies, or the zebra, because the zebra moves are different from game to game.

What moves can your opponent do.[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-24 UTC

This should show up on any game. I am playing shako right now. (me vs. panther) when I noticed the following" Click a piece and legal moves show up. (Fantastic!) I then move the piece (via click) and the button "confirm" comes up. (also good). In the past, if I clicked on an opponent piece at this time, I could see the legal moves that he/she could do on his/her turn. This showing of opponent moves occurs before you hit the confirm button. They would appear as dark blue squares. This ability seems to have disappeared for me. It is a nice thing to have, but in reality it is not a mandatory thing. If it is not too much trouble, do you think you can add it back?

Moves via mouse click[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-22 UTC

OK, never mind. I just cleared my file cache, and restarted firefox. It is now working. :) Thank you. False alarm. (Sorry about that)

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-22 UTC

LOL, well I can't tell Saturday from Sunday. doh!

*** Never mind ... I cleared file cache and restarted firefox, it is working now.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-22 UTC

I hope I am not being a pain/nag, but the moves by mouse click is not working again for me. Sunday 8/22 13:22 EDT. Thank you for correcting this issue in the past. :)

Entering moves[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-19 UTC
The old method of entering moves via mouse clicks seems to be unavailable again. I'm on a desktop with the current version of firefox (in case it is a java script design).

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 Author: Fergus  Duniho. Game Courier Logs. View the logs of games played on Game Courier.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-08-07 UTC

The same is true for me also. I think there was a tweak to the base code related to legal moves. When you mouse click your piece in the past a gray square came up. This does not occur anymore.

Shogi and legal moves[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-07-29 UTC

I think there was a tweak somewhere. Shogi is not showing legal moves, nor does it allow you to move via mouse clicks.

Chess piece names with period in them[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-07-21 UTC

if fn friend $moved:
   set msg join join $moved #codename " is friend";
   echo #msg;
elseif fn enemy $moved:
   set msg join join $moved #codename " is enemy ";
   echo #msg;
   set msg join join join $moved #codename " is not friend or foe " $moved;
   echo #msg;

I need advice on programming.  I have a piece that is .rf,  it appears to me the function friend / enemy is not working.  That function friend is using isupper or islower.  I am guessing that the Period in .rf prevents the function friend to determine if it islower.   

Any suggestions how I can add .rf to the function friend?

This item is a game information page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2020-04-29
 By wdtr2. FrogsAndPrincess. Based on Princess and the Frog Story.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-06-21 UTC

This is mostly for HG and Fergus:  In your picture, is frog movement for white South?  If yes, you found a stalemate.  Looking at your picture, white is always at the bottom of the screen, so it appears to me that the frogs were never moved since the start of the game.  In that case both white frogs may move north.  I will think about your revision, it is a good idea, but I think coding it will be a nightmare.  I do not know how to set a legal move where clink on white princess, and click on white frog does not become a capture.  (it needs to become a swap?)   If I am luckly, maybe Fergus can give me a hint if that is possible.  The code I image is click on princess, click on frog.  Change the move from capture to a swap, and set a flag.  Now on pre-move look for frogs with flags set, convert to King.  That might work.  Fergus input is welcomed.  

HG:  I will remove my statement about stalemate.


wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-30 UTC

This if for HG:  Yes, I consider the Queen on e8 not to be in check.  (and my existing version) is setup that way.

The King in "Frogs and princesses" is a little more agile, but that is moot.   In the example you gave me I did not consider that a stalement.  So the only move would be a king move, and that would be captured on the next move, thus a win.



wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-30 UTC

The rules pages has been updated.  Can someone of the Chess Variant team review, and approve the game if they think the documentation is adaquate.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-30 UTC

HG:  Wow, there is a lot I did think of about having two royals on the board.  It is also very hard to program.  Thank you for spending the time to do this analysis.  Due to your insight, I am going to make the king non-royal.  It will be much easier to program, and there are some complexities that I did not think of when I started this project. 

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-30 UTC

Move logic of the game (it is your turn):
Is the Queen in check?
Yes - you must move the queen out of check or block/capture the piece putting you in check, once that is completed your turn is over
No - go to next question
Do you have a King on the board?
Yes - go to next section 2
no - you must convert a frog into a King.  The conversion can transport your new King to any empty square on ranks (1-4) for white or ranks (7-10) for black. If you do not have any frogs you have lost the game.
Your turn is over
Section 2:
You may move any of your chess pieces as per the game rules.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-30 UTC


HG:  In this diagram Imagine pawns are frogs, and the black queen and black king are reversed.

If we do that, it is black's turn.  The Knight made his move (prior to the diagram) to d6 he put the black queen in check.    It is now black's turn.  Since in this game the queen is a full royal piece, black now must capture or move out of check.  If I was black and you did that to me, my reply would be Rook at d8 x Knight.  White king in check, now it is white's turn.  An interestng aspect of this, the white queen can not capture the rook on it's turn, because you can not slide onto a square that would put you in check.

The chess set for my game is Alferie: Many and symbol is FG



wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-29 UTC

HG:  You can not move NxE8.  The Knight can not move because it is pinned.   The black rook would put the Queen in check.  (just like you can not put the King in check in standard chess)  Let's say the Rook is not there.  In the game I am trying to design, all pawns have been replaced with frogs.  The picture above is the opening board.  So if I use your picture and say all pawns are frogs and the rook is not there.   NxE8 causes the rule "frog conversion" to activate.  Why:  No King, Queen not in check.  My return move is Frog/pawn at A7 is picked up, converted to King and dropped on space F8.  Now your Knight will need to move again, or I will capture it.  If we take your picture and remove all pawns (I consider them frogs), and the rook.   NxE8 is a win. 

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-28 UTC

This message is mostly for HG.  The Queen is alway royal, once checkmated the game is over.  Fergus'es Cassia Britania has the royal queen, and mine is based on his.  The King, semi-royal.  Etiquette is to give a check warning, but you can ignore it.  The King can move into check.  The consequences of a King capture, the player must do a frog conversion move, unless you are in queen check.  So your player will be forced to do a frog drop.  Pick up an existing frog and place it on any empty space.  (Taking the definition of drop from the game of shogi) .  If you have no frogs you lost the game.  There is no 'after-move' to retaliate, and the game ends if the King is captured, and you have no frogs.  The impact (I think) will be the player will be forced to manage his frogs, and use his turns to protect the king and queen.  

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-22 UTC

Fergus:  Thank you for that information.  That is exactly what I needed.   :)

H.G.:  You are correct you can never expose the Princess/Queen to capture.  An analogy:  In a standard game of chess if the King does a castle move, the king can not slide through a check.   I consider the King semi-royal because you can expose the King/Prince to capture.  There is a consequence to this exposure.  If the King is captured and the Queen is not in check - this will activate a new rule that I call "Frog Conversion".  Frog Conversion is a mandatory move in this particular case.  You select/kiss a frog and move it to any blank square in your base camp.  (This is somewhat like a pawn drop with promotion in shogi).  If you have no frogs to convert you have lost the game.

So a win is either checkmate the queen, or capture all frogs and the 1 King.  

I hope you would like to play a game once I have it working.  :) 

Does my explanation answer your question?   Should I add my explanation to the rules or clarify something in the rules?

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-21 UTC

Hello, I am hoping for some program advice.  In this game we have a royal piece Q, and a semi-royal piece K.  I think that the function setlegal populates the pgp variable $legal.  The process of programming legal moves is well documented by Fergus, however I have hit an issue due to my semi-royal piece.  The queen is the royal piece, and the king is semi-royal.  The usual algorithm to find valid moves works great for 1 royal piece.  After that scan, if there are no checks, I need to check the semi-royal piece.  (The semi-royal piece only has a check situation if the queen is not in check).  Definition: of check:  A royal or semi-royal piece that needs a special move.  A check restricts the ability of the player to make a  movement of other pieces such as bishop, because the piece in check must be resolved before standard play can continue.  If my semi-royal piece is not in check then the standard check algorithm is perfect and the post-game program logic is done. If the semi-royal piece is in check, I think I need to clear all legal moves set in the 1st pass of the algorithm, and run a new semi-royal check algorithm.  The semi-royal algorithm is the checking if a K is on the board, if not (due to a capture), a frog must be converted to a King, a can be moved to any space that is empty and located in the base camp.  (like a shogi drop - sort of).  If there are no frogs then it is a win.   So I am looking for advice on how to write the code to do this.  My current thinking is to clear legal moves set in the 1st pass of the algorithm, that I said, and then running new code for the frog/king check.  The issue is: I do not know how to clear legal moves once I call the SetLegal function.      

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-05-21 UTC

No, do not publish it yet.  I am still working on the code of this program.

Question on Legal moves[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-04-26 UTC

Hello, I am trying to make a game that has 2 royals.  setlegal seems to be the CV php command to add legal moves.  If you are looking through your standard programs that you have made i.e. "legal moves section", setlegal works great.   Let's say you completed your loop.   After you complete the loop you discover your 2nd royal is in check.  I want to clear out all legal moves and re-calculate.   Can you clear or unset the legal moves you set in setlegal a few milliseconds ago?  i.e. unset $legalmoves?

This item is a play-by-email page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2020-04-16
 By Fergus  Duniho. Fusion Chess. Play this variant in which pieces combine and split apart.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
wdtr2 wrote on 2020-04-19 UTC

I  just tried to "Favorite" funsion chess, and favorite.php just came back with a blank screen. (FYI)

url was like: ----://


Note I added the "--" so that the url in this message is invalid.

wdtr2 wrote on 2020-04-18 UTC

Hey nice idea.   This is pretty neat.  I did some testing.  When you select the Marble pieces (Black and white), there appears to me no Image for the fusion of King/Bishop.   It is showing the text "kb".  Overall very low priority to look at/fix.

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