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Comments by digital sedition

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digital sedition wrote on 2021-05-14 UTC

The other co-author of "A World of Chess", Rick, gave me Colonel Hải Nguyễn Quí's email address upon my inquiry. I've been having an ongoing dialog with the Colonel and another associate of his over the past week and a half. They shared a lot of relevant info with me into the current state of the game and their future plans.

I posted pictures of their new game set on BGG (different username) with their permission as well as an updated English rulebook.

digital sedition wrote on 2021-05-14 UTCExcellent ★★★★★

Greetings, Thanks for doing this website. I don't see Commander Chess or Cờ Tư Lệnh in Vietnamese. This is not to be confused with the Vietnamese Chess listed here for zillions of games. Commander Chess was designed By Colonel Hải Nguyễn Quí and released in 2010. I think it's been adopted as the official Chess of Vietnam.

It's a modern warfare, sort of XianQi variant. Uses tanks, aircraft, a navy. Here's a link to the BGG for it:

The Colonel has been trying to share his game with the world and I know for a fact they are about to release a new Commander Chess game set and online/mobile platforms to play online as well.

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