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Comments by Young-Hyun Joo

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This item is a game information page
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2009-01-05
 By John  Smith. Grand Jang Gi. A large variant of Jang Gi. (13x12, Cells: 156) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Young-Hyun Joo wrote on 2009-01-14 UTC
Umm... maybe my earlier comment was not precise enough; The reason I called this game not a Janggi variant is not in any way from the moves of Horse or Elephant, but Chariot and Cannon. For example, a Janggi Chariot CAN move diagonally if the board below permits it (e.g. inside fortresses). In other words, whether a Janggi Chariot (& Pawn,Cannon,King,Minister) can move diagonally or not is not the property of the piece, but of the board (connection). I think the board of Chess has little idea of connection. If a chessboard is all 4-connected, a Janggi Chariot is equivalent to a Rook on that board. However, on a 8-connected board the same Chariot is equivalent to a Queen. The board of this game has also little idea of connection just like that of Chess, even inside fortresses. So I think this game is more akin to Chess than to Janggi. I hope I made my points clearer this time.

Young-Hyun Joo wrote on 2009-01-12 UTCPoor ★
This game does't look like a Janggi variant, rather a Eurasian Chess variant. As a Korean having played Janggi since 7, I have general idea how pieces of Janggi should move: most pieces move along the linked 'road', except Ma(horse) and Sang(elephant). Even those pieces (Ma & Sang) are only allowed to 'jump' off the road (diagonally) after one-cell dash along the road. A variant of Janggi should place some emphasis on the role of terrain. This game can be good, but IMHO have a poor name and ranked as such. Sorry.

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