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Comments by Dale Holmes

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Salmon P. Chess. Huge three-dimensional game celebrating 10 years chess variant pages. (10x(), Cells: 7500) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Dale Holmes wrote on Sat, May 21, 2005 11:30 AM UTC:
I would like like to ask, please, if we could move this discussion somewhere else? It is interesting, but we have gotten quite a ways away from the rules of Salmon P. Chess. <p> That asked, I can say for the record that only one of the raters so far is known to me personally: my stepfather, Darrel. He is not easily moved to transports of enthusiasm and I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him here—wouldn't have known it was him, in fact, if he hadn't told me later. This is hardly a case of stuffing the ballot box. <p> At least, not on my part. If there is in fact an organization of enthusiastic board-game/bent-humor/dead-presidents groupies out there tirelessly acting to promote this thing, I am just a little miffed that I haven't gotten any sort of personal e-mail from them. Hey girls! Let me tell you about Go ... ver Cleveland! <p> The suggestion that all of those good ratings were me, acting under an alias, is just silly. We can dispense with that in one word: 'Logorrhea'. I have it; they don't. Issue settled. Try to imagine the writer behind SPC, in the grip of an ego frenzy so wild and raw that he would stoop to techno-cheating at a contest expressly <i>for</i> 'fun and honor'—imagine him, I say, praising himself in a few one- or two-line general remarks. If you can imagine that, you can do something I cannot. <p> I do not, however, expect to convince anyone of my honesty merely by adding words to the pile. Since it seemed to be in question, I just wanted to add my bit. There is something I <i>can</i> do with words, though: I can apologize. <p> To all the people who stopped by this site, and saw my little game, and got a laugh out of it or raised an eyebrow or thought it was kind of cool to stretch an idea that far; and especially all of you who took a minute out of your day to say so, to give the thing a rating or weigh in with a remark about what you liked: thank you very, very much ... I'm glad you liked what you saw. And I'm sorry. <p> <i>I</i> know that you really exist, and <i>I</i> know that I didn't bully or beg you into voting, and <i>I</i> know that it's not very nice to hear that Steps Will Be Taken to prevent you from troubling the chess gods with your pathetic little opinions ever again. But none of these other people really know that, see. To them, your voice could be just the crazed imagination of a lonely, bored kid—so they talk about you like you're not even there and go on about how serious a problem you are and what would be the kindest way of fixing you. And that can really, really hurt when it's the price of a few minutes' honest enjoyment and innocent enthusiasm. I apologize. You're getting handled like a syphilitic old aunt in the attic just for liking my words and saying so. But you and me are the only ones who know that you're not me. What can I say? I'm very sorry for the way you've been treated here.

💡📝Dale Holmes wrote on Thu, May 19, 2005 04:49 PM UTC:
Derek, I'm not quite sure I see what you're getting at. Could you explain further what you mean by 'legitimate'?

Monster Bluff Chess. On 10 boards put together, with putting stakes on squares. (32x24, Cells: 640) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Dale Holmes wrote on Thu, May 19, 2005 04:37 PM UTC:
Charles— Why certainly you can look around for your own true king ... and if you do it badly enough (stopping after three peeks, saying 'Ah!', and defending it heavily) you should be able to take your next opponent to the cleaners by doing it again in sheer pretence! But that sort of calculated guile might only appeal if one enjoyed the small cash prizes scattered in there, and I take it that's not what really interests you.

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