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Comments by Craig Willenberg

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Paradigm Chess30. Chess with Dragon Bishop and 30 positions.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Craig Willenberg wrote on 2021-02-02 UTC

Thanks Fergus I have created separate userid now; Craig Willenberg USERID:DragonB30, and Lourenzo van Niekerk USERID:Lollder for your perusal.

Craig Willenberg wrote on 2021-02-01 UTC

Thanks,yes "our Royal game" refers to Chess. Paradigm Chess30 article URL is The Facebook page URL is The Chess South Africa link is

Craig Willenberg wrote on 2021-02-01 UTC

Could you please advice on how to progress to get Paradigm Chess30 published or do we need to wait a certain period?

Paradigm Chess30[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Craig Willenberg wrote on 2021-01-30 UTC
Good day I hope all is well. I would kindly like to request the status on the submission of Paradigm Chess30 made? Have you had the time to review Paradigm Chess30 and are there any comments from your side? Please advice on how to proceed to get Paradigm Chess30 published on your website? Kind regards Craig Willenberg & Lourenzo van Niekerk

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