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This page is written by the game's inventor, ArtemShvorin.

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Artem Shvorin wrote on 2005-05-18 UTC
> What does it mean that equal pieces can form a hybrid?
It is possible to couple (for example) a pair of rooks. If there are rooks
on a1 and a2 it is possible to move one rook from a1 to a2 (I suggest the
following notation: Ra1^a2, or breafly R^a2, marking any 'hybridizing'
by '^' symbol).  As a result a hybrid Rook+Rook appears (designated by
'RR' symbol).  The worth of such homogeneous hybrids is dubious, though
it may be useful to bring a couple of slow units (knights or guards)
across the board; also this maneuver aids to concentrate pressure to a
certain point in blockaded position...

> Can a piece be a hybrid of more than two components?
The rule 2.3 says no.  It is noted that this rule is a subject to discuss.
 I thought about attack/defense balance, it seemed that hybrids are rather
strong (note that Rook+Bishop is a little bit stronger than ortodox Queen,
and usualy you have several such attackers) while King is too vulnerable,
so I decided to restrict attacking possibilities by rules 2.3 and 1 (Queen
is replaced by Guard).

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