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George Duke wrote on 2005-03-02 UTC
Intellectual property includes patents, trademarks and copyrights. All CVP games are copyrighted in their very publication. Viceroy patent, Quantum patent, Gothic patent, Falcon patent, Grand patent(a different one) and countless others have not precluded any CV being developed that I know of. Being inventions they open up new possibilities for forms previously untried. There is still the problem of bad game pollution to use 'Robert Fischer's' term. That may not even be strong enough. Somebody said that a 'junk CV ethos' sometimes rules--too extreme a description in my view. Yet just as some topics are over-discussed, there are also taboos never addressed. My progress through 'Large CV' thread ( about 25% so far) exposes games never even played by their inventor. Until about year 2000 most chess forms were published in treatise, magazine, book (copyrighted), or else patented. Now facility with computers lets anyone design something in an hour.

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