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George Duke wrote on 2005-01-18 UTC
Who is Robert Fischer and what is his interest in Falcon Chess? Not a CVP member, his 'Poor' for Falcon Chess 100, the game under review, makes no chess insight; I think it is quite a nice game. Besides copyright, which Chess Variant Page always conscientiously respects, Falcon Chess is covered by USP5690334. Independent Claim 1 is for the one most preferred form as in drawings. Independent Claim 9 covers all the symmetrical permutations of initial arrays. Operable words in claim 9 (not in the CVP text) are 'all at predetermined locations.' True, I did my own legal work by way of undergraduate law courses I had at Harvard University toward my degree there and use of David Pressman's 'Patent It Yourself'. Go ahead and challenge it in court since you have the threatening tone; or pay the $9000(approx.)fee for re-examination. I believe I have correctly followed US Patent practice to the letter and USPTO allowed my amended claims, which include the multiple arrays. Sorry you resent our 100-year-old games-patent tradition, including such venerable stalwarts as Scrabble and Monopoly(They too were broadly claimed--why they did not have significant copycats). For Peter Aronson and other colleagues at CVP, I welcome Falcon variations that respect the Fischer-Random-Chess-like nature of its patent claims. Examples using Falcon already are Antoine Fourriere's Bifocal Chess and Aronson's and my Complete Permutation Chess.

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