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Nikjagr wrote on 2004-12-25 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I cannot complain about the quality of this site, as I had no idea what to
do with the board before I got it.  I like the Star Trek movies, but I've
never been a real fan of any of the shows, so the only place I'd ever seen
one of these tables was in the window of the Franklin Mint store.  

All of a sudden, for Christmas 04 I get one of these from the Franklin
Mint; certificate and everything from my neighbor.  I cannot believe that
she spent that much money on me for Christmas.  If she did, then I am
absolutely flattered.  $200 plus dollars?   Insane!  

I have to admit that it is really cool lookin'.   I just wish it didn't
have the Star Trek logo as I am a huge Star Wars fan, and never the twain
shall meet.  

My only complaint about the site is that if the moveable boards are
supposed to be able to connect to the bottom or the top of any of the
stationary boards, then why do they slip out so easily from underneathe? 
I can't get those pieces to stick in like that.  Especially if there was
the weight from any of the pieces on them.  And one can't say it's
because the pieces aren't well made, because Franklin Mint prides
themselves on precision, and wouldn't put a piece on their shelf if it
didn't serve its function properly.     Go Star Wars.

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