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This page is written by the game's inventor, Charles Gilman.

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Charles Gilman wrote on 2004-07-04 UTC
Perhaps you have been misled by the description of '512 cells' when only
128, on the top and bottom levels, can be occupied. The remaining 328
(making a total of only 456, as the middle two levels are 6x6 to moderate
Queen/Rook power). The array is the FIDE one on the top level and all
others empty, so there seemed little point in an array diagram. Perhaps in
retrospect there should be some movwement diagrams to show graphically how
the pieces can move on and between levels, and where they are blocked by
the missing edge of the middle levels. Perhaps they could be based on
this, where R/B/C=location of Rook/Bishop/Cavalcade;
1/2/4=Rook/Bishop/Cavalcade move, summed as required; X=blocked move. The
moves might even be marked in _R_ed/_B_lue/_C_anary yellow (thanks to
Daniel Hollombe's Aviary for inspiration) and combinations!

---1---B    X-2----C    Missing end rank on middle boards blocks Bishop
---1--2-    ---2-4-1
---1-2-X    1111315R    Missing end file on middle boards blocks Rook
111R3111    ---1-2-1    Rook can reach same cell on opposite board
---3----    ------21
2-21----    -------B    Bishop can reach opposite edge of opposite board
-2-1----    ------3X    Bishop blocks Rook
6--1----    -----2-X    Two blocks; Cavalcade can reach opposite corner

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