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This page is written by the game's inventor, Fergus Duniho.

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P. Gelman wrote on 2004-06-20 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Thanks for your replies Fergus which I just noticed.

I have played Mortal Chessgi on zillions and do end up hoopin' and
hollarin' at the computer when it outsmarts me.  I have a better chance
of beating the computer than with straight Chessgi, another reason to
cheer for this variation.  Also I love dropping those pesky pawns.

Sadly I don't always have room for Zillions on my computer.

I enjoy Mortal Chessgi more than straight Chessgi, but Chessgi has the
aesthetic and palpable merit of being easer to physically exist as a
set.  I know companies have sold versions of it and maybe still do
(flippable pieces of different color on each side).  As far as I can see
right now, Mortal Chessgi would take extra pieces.  Wait a minute,
potential solution: use the Shogi method, all pieces of the same color,
but use a directional orientation to determine the ownership of the
 Hmm... would that work?

Proposal for a variation: 'Boris Chessgi' (Mortal Chessgi + Moscow King
Chess + Boris Yeltsin).  Like Mortal Chessgi, but with the opening set up
and piece introduction method of Moscow King Chess.  (I like Moscow King
Chess rules better than the similar Parachute and Unachess versions.)

java-- /play/erf/KingChss.html

So Boris Chessgi would start out like Moscow King Chess, but captured
pieces would join in the fashion you invented for Mortal Chessgi.


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