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This page is written by both of the game's inventors, Omar Syed and Aamir Syed.

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Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2004-04-01 UTC
Arimaa is an easy-to learn Goal-oriented game with some elements of Chess
and Jungle game, invented by the M.S. in Electronic Engeneering Omar Syed,
with the colaboration of his young son, Aamir. Omar was born in India and
lives in USA, he has worked for NASA and 4YOU NET. He is stablishing an
interesting CHALLENGE: He is going to pay 10,000 US$ to the first person,
company or Organization who develops a program that run in a general
computer that can beat the best chosen human representative Arimaa player
in a match of at least 6 games. In January 2004 begun a Tournement (free
fee) to determine the best player, and the winner should receive 1000 US$
and the chance of winning an additional good prize beating the best
program to the moment, and other prizes were offered to second and third
place in the Tournement. In February 2004, the same Omar Syed beated the
best program at the moment with a contundent score 8-0. You can visit the
page for more details, in this page a gameroom is mantained
and you can play online this game against ranked players. More Tournements
are expected in the future.

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