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Kevin Pacey wrote on Mon, Jan 30, 2023 06:16 PM UTC in reply to David Paulowich from 12:31 AM:

@ editor(s): The text on the rules page of Chess 1010 has become a bit bunched up in places, without my making any changes to the published submission; maybe other submissions of mine or other members' may have also been affected somehow, by change(s) to this website(?)

@ David:

You're welcome to try to improve Chess 1010, even in case it's out of all recognition. It was one of my earlier CV inventions, that so far has attained zero popularity, at least on CVP site. My idea was to have only the Ks guard the pawn diagonally next to it (in front of a B) like in chess, so that said pawn might possibly be more menacingly attacked by a B (plus/or another piece, maybe) later in the game.

However, the asymmetric positioning of the other B (set beside each player's Q, so that it wouldn't attack the i-pawn guarded by an enemy B in the setup, or possibly an enemy g-pawn on its 5th rank) may be one thing that repulsed more than a few CV players about Chess 1010 thus far. Another thing being that many may like the pawn promotion rules of Grand Chess. Or, that any small change(s) to a CV with established popularity (i.e. Grand Chess, here) are not welcomed too much since people would rather play what's already popular.

A while back there was a discussion about underpromotions in CVs, a topic that Greg mentioned to me as interesting you. Here's a link with a comment thread where I gave a number of diagrams for cases I dreamt up of justifiable underpromotions in 8x8 Seirawan Chess (I've yet to come across a CV where I've noticed it's somehow provable that some underpromotion(s) are absolutely unnecessary to ever allow by the CV's rules):

Somewhere I got the idea that you are from Prince Edward Island, Canada. If so, you might possibly know Fred McKim, long-time Treasurer for the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) - I reside in Ottawa (born on NATO airbase in France near Germany).

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