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Greg Strong wrote on Sun, Oct 9, 2022 09:26 PM UTC in reply to Jean-Louis Cazaux from 08:56 PM:

Hopefully one has still the right to have a different opinion

Of course.  What you say is your opinion, and what I said is my opinion.  Did I tell you what you can or can't say?  No.  It is just a discussion.  So your response is surprising to me.

It is the first time I hear that there is a minimum of games required. Counter-examples are many. In fact most of fairy pieces have been named by problemists on their very first use.

This response is also very odd.  Maybe we are talking about different things.  If you want to use these pieces in your game, name them whatever you want.  It seems to me you are saying that they should have universal names.  That is something very different.  And yes, you can have whatever opinion you want about that also, but do not be surprised when people disagree with you.  On multiple occasions, you have become very opinionated about how other people have chosen to name pieces in their games.

I do think they are worth of special attention, again is my opinion. I respect yours, respect mine.

Yes, I do.  I thought we all were having a discussion here.  Apparently, in your mind, something else is going on. Did I say someting intolerant or disrespectful?

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