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CSS Dixieland wrote on 2022-08-23 UTCGood ★★★★

Distinguished Monsieur Cazaux:

At the end of the rules for my preset of Constructing Chess You can see my brief instructions for erasing an untimed game, and my warning for not proposing or accepting untimed games to or from unknown players:

"Either of the two players can erase the game from the data base of Game Courier at any stage during current play, or can erase a finished game. The operations of drawing or of erasing a game should be done only by AGREEMENT between the two players, or in case of one player having disappeared for a long time in a game without time limit".

"Players should not propose or accept games without time limit, except to or from players whom they know very well".

I only play untimed games with players with whom I have already played many times, players with whom there has been satisfactory conversation via Game Courier or other manners of contact, and players of whom so far I have no justified reason for doubting of their gentlemanship, honesty, and sportive spirit.

Otherwise there is risk of meeting some stupid who may keep an unfinished game hanging, because he is losing, and in his small mind he is not man enough for accepting his defeat. Even with perfectly trustable players, I prefer to avoid untimed games unless there be justified reason. Unreliable Internet, for example.

A game may hang for a month or more due to cause of force majeure. The other player may be suffering some tragic, unforeseen, or overpowering circumstance. He may have had a serious accident and be in hospital. Or in prison. Or in cemetery. Or fighting the War for the Glorious Cause of Independent Ukraine.

Such events happen. In the first case he may be absent for months. In the second for years. In the third, for ever. And in the fourth, I patiently wait for the return of the Hero, if I do not join the Heroic Struggle myself.

For preventing a long waiting time, players are advised not to play untimed games with unknown people.

There is no need of modification to the algorithm of Game Courier. The solution is as simple as avoiding untimed games, except in cases where the other player is fully trustable, or if there be a justified reason.

Or else, erasing a hanging game. But for this, players should make a reasonable effort to ascertain that a long time has passed without reply from the other player, whose whereabouts are completely unknown.

Such cases are rare with me, but they occasionally happen. Fortunately they have not happened to me in Game Courier so far, but they have happened for untimed games in other servers. I follow the policy of waiting for a maximum of about twenty days. Then I try to make contact with my opponent, if possible.

If I have no way to contact him, or if after a few more days I do not receive any reply from him, then I take the game out of my list of current games, if possible I erase the game from the server (in Game Courier it can be done by either of the two players), and I include the name of the missing player in my black list.

If I receive a reply, then my decision will of course depend on the content and trustability of that reply.

After all those important considerations, Monsieur Cazaux, if You honestly believe that a game has been hanging for too long without conclusion, and You have no way to contact Your opponent, or no reply from him, or the reply have not been satisfactory, then You are undoubtedly entitled to follow this procedure:

List all games played in Game Courier by Monsieur Jean-Louis Cazaux (nom de guerre 'timurthelenk'):

You will see that most games are finished from 28th April 2020 to the end of 3rd August 2022 (server time) but there is an untimed game of Fantastic XIII that has been hanging since 31st July 2022. Make a serious effort to contact the opponent and tell him that You are still waiting for his move. If You have reply, then use Your best judgement as to Your correct action. But considering that twenty-four days have already passed, if You have no reply in a few more days (or if You have no contact with him at all, in this case without need of further waiting), then continue to the sad but necessary method for solving these fastidious situations.

Activate the hyper link at the right side that reads 'Delete'. You will see a warning for not deleting a game in progress without a justified reason. If You honestly believe that You have justified reason (and I personally believe that You have), then proceed to delete the game from the data base. For that You will need to enter Your identity or be logged-in, and Your password. Then You will have made a favour to Game Courier. Then You should include the offender in Your black list. Then You should NEVER play an untimed game without a very powerful reason to do so. Finally, You should continue honouring Game Courier with Your presence.

Dixieland for ever ! P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland

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