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Kevin Pacey wrote on 2022-08-17 UTC

Sometimes it seems like 'Gentleman's Rules' are used on Game Courier, as I haven't noticed many cases where CVP staff intervene to resolve a complaint about a given game. In the past on occasion people used to take back a whole series of moves sometimes without asking, and I think since then automation was introduced so that an opponents' move could not be taken back by a player, to solve that.

It happened to me a few times before that change that a player took back my moves without asking, and I eventually just deleted all my games against that player, and tried to never play him again (with the IDs he used at the time, at least). Deleting games is something people do without asking their opponent sometimes, deliberately in an unsportsmanlike fashion (when losing or even confused about a CVs rules), too. I don't know how you'd prove it, though (I don't remember a case where a player typed in 'drawn' or 'won' without opponent agreeing, but I suppose that's possible too - CVP staff might intervene then upon complaint, if clear-cut case where the other side is winning).

I now normally delete hanging untimed games with players who stop playing, say after 60 days or more without their moving (unless I know them personally, and ideally they have told me they're taking a break), though often it seems they have decided never to return to CVP after losing many games badly. Otherwise I don't like looking at all the unfinished games either (there are many people here don't seem to mind them, though). I now don't mind too much the idea of not gaining a few Game Courier rating points, as I think something like a FIDE rating system should be used instead anyway.

I forget whether I ever asked long ago, but I think a time forfeit of untimed games after a very long period (say one year, not as little as 60 days) would work in cases where an opponent has suddenly stopped visiting CVP site since. If a player shows up only every 2 months to make a move, I don't know what you can do other than complain to him or CVP staff (besides just deleting the game and any others with same opponent). Like I alluded to, sometimes it's hard to avoid the 'Gentleman's Rules' concept.

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