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Gary Gifford wrote on 2022-07-09 UTC

I just noticed the question (only 6 years later). I think the stronger player will win. Here is a game with notes:

  1. d4 d5 mandatory first move

  2. g3 Nc6

  3. Bg2 e6
    Pawns only move 1 space, except for the first required move (1. d4 d5)

  4. e3 b6

  5. f3 g6

  6. Kf2 / Hia e1 . . . White Hia goes to e1 (mandatory) 6.. . . . Bg7

  7. b3 Ba6

  8. Bb2 Nge7

  9. c3 Kd7 / Hia e8

  10. Nd2 Kc8

  11. Nh3 Kb7 As there is no castling in Shatar, Tony moves his King manually to reach something like a Queenside castle. He moves his King to b7 to free the Rook on a8 for his next move.

  12. a3 Rc8

  13. a4 Hia d7 Neither player is used to the Hia but they know it is a great defensive aide to the King. Tony moves his towards the Black monarch.

  14. b4 b5 Timmy wanted to pawn-fork the Bishop and Knight. Tony played b5 to stop it.

  15. axb Bxb5

  16. Qc2 Ra8

  17. Hia e2 . . . Black can’t capture the Hia with his Bishop as he’d have to stop at d3 due to the Hia’s protective field. . . . a6

  18. Ra2 Ra7

  19. R(h)a1 Hia d6

  20. e4 dxe

  21. Nxe4 . . . attacking the Hia . . .Hia d7

  22. Nc5+ Kb6

  23. Nxd7+ exchanging Knight for Hia . . . Qxd7

  24. Hia d3 . . . Annoying, the Black Bishop can’t take the Hia . . .Rha8

  25. Qb3 e5 Struggling for counterplay

  26. d5 Nxd5

  27. c4 Bxc4

  28. Qxc4 N(d)xb4

  29. Qb3 a5

  30. Hia c4 Bf8

  31. f4 Bc5 (This is not a check due to the Hia)

  32. Bxc6 Kxc6

  33. Ra4 Nd3+
    Remember that Knights are immune from the Hia forces but Hias can still capture Knights. Here the Hia can’t capture the Knight because that would activate the Bishop’s check (from c5)). White playing 34. QxN would be a blunder because Black would play 34….QxQ and the Hia could not recapture due to the Bishop check factor.

  34. Kg2 Nxb2

  35. Qxb2 e4 (perhaps dreaming of a Queen)

  36. Ng5 Qe7

  37. Rb1 e3

  38. Qb5+ Kd5 (Kings are immune from Hias)

  39. Rd1 #

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