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H. G. Muller wrote on 2021-05-08 UTC

However, I noticed that Ryugi was missing.

Oh, I completely missed that one.I added it now. 9 hours is pretty extreme. That was on 2 ply? There must be an enormous search explosion in quiescence search. I guess the problem is jumping generals, which can always make captures, mostly bad ones. And the diagram's AI doesn't use a transposition table yet. So if you have several generals, it will be trying all their captures in combinatorially many orders. In my Tenjiku Shogi engine 'Inferno' I solved that by riguorously pruning any H x protected L capture in QS.

Anyway, the diagram behaves badly for long thinking times, because the search is done by the main thread. This triggers complaints from the browser ("a script is slowing down your browser") if it takes more than 10 sec. I mus figure out how to delegate the search to a 'worker thread' that runs in the background; this is what Jocly does for ist AI. (In the 2-vs-1 checkmating appletI solved it by generating the EGT in steps, having each step schedule the next through a timeout, so that it could attend to other browser functions (such as actually displaying and formatting the step results) in between.)

I left diagrams where I was in doubt out of the list. That included most large Shogi variants, also my own 13x13 variants. These can be added later if they check out OK. Perhaps dai Shogi should not even be in the list; I never tried that one. Sac Chess also seems to give problems, at least at > 2 ply.

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