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Greg Strong wrote on 2021-05-05 UTC

Some other members have included diagrams in their own articles, usually as a secondary diagram. Greg has used his power as an editor to add diagrams to some of the 'founding articles'.

Yes, I've been slowly incorporating them into pages in the notes section, like I did with this page.  I don't typically make it the primary diagram because different pages have different presentation styles (colors, etc) and I don't want them to all look the same.  Updating more pages (both with interactive diagrams and in general) is something I will hopefully get back to soon.  It's pretty tedious work, but we have a lot of pages for good games that could use an update.

Having the diagram in a comment does have an upside, though: when accessed from the index page I made, I always linked to the page you get when using the 'View' link to view the comment in isolation. Which means they immediately get the diagram in view. A link to the main article might have the diagram hidden somewhere at the bottom, after many other diagrams for showing setup and piece moves.

This is a good point.  I could place an anchor tag on the page right before the I.D. so you could link directly to that part of the page.  That's probably worth doing.

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