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This page is written by the game's inventor, Uli Schwekendiek.

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Uli Schwekendiek wrote on 2021-03-15 UTC

@Fergus Duniho

Thank you very much for approving my submission.

I admit the name collision is not an ideal situation. While working on this project, it occurred to me that naming is the hardest part, not programming or figuring out the rules. Regardless of whether you are looking for a domain name, a game name or a piece name, the obvious and even the most non-obvious solutions are already taken.

As you and @Bn Em already pointed out, the piece naming system is partially broken. Since the Bison/leaping Falcon is an important piece for building game variants close to classical chess, this is probably a good opportunity to revise this part of the nomenclature.

I added a "buildings blocks" section to my paper where George Duke is given credit for the commonalities shared by both specs.

@Jörg Knappen

Many thanks for your suggestion, but I suspect that if this variant should ever get a community, people would not really embrace this name. too far away from first choice solutions.

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