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Michael Nelson wrote on 2003-08-10 UTC
Roberto's points are well taken. I'm not even sure King, Diagonal
Bypasser, and three Eaglets can do the job. I't fairly easy for the lone
King to escape by stalemate.

The Eaglet is nearly usless in the endgame, By comparison, King, Diagonal
Bypasser, and FIDE Pawn is an easy win by promotion.

The strategic lesson is to get rid of your Eaglets early--promote as many
as possible, force exchanges with enemy pices (it is especilly useful to
use Eaglets to kill Tower fragments).

Philodor was so right -- the Pawn is the soul of Chess. Any game with FIDE
pawns will fell chesslike to a degree, no matter how far out the outher
pieces are. A change to Berolina pawns leaves the Bishops and Rooks
feeling role reversed, but still feels fairly chesslike.  But the Eaglet
is something very diffeernt indeed with its promotion rule (An Eaglet
which promotes on the eighth rank would have a more chesslike feel).

Promote early and often!

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