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Alex Trick wrote on 2020-10-13 UTC

Hello, H.G. Muller!

So, if I understand right, you weren't drawing it by yourself?

Recently one man named Joe Henbethydd have developed a Chu Shogi program with a pleasant interface. I took participation in its localization to English. You can try it yourself here

As I understand, he is planning include multiplayer game over network in future, also I hope, he is planning include another Large-boards variants of shogi like Maka Dai Dai Shogi etc. But it is not exact. Time will tell.

For popularization purposes of Chu Shogi there is a nice idea to use mnemonic pictures representing piece's moves. I really like it, and I use it as my memory sheets, and also I use it when teaching peoples how to play Chu Shogi.

It is nice if we would integrate such mnemonic pics into ChuDo program of Joe Henbethydd, but unfortunately, the pics are somebit a low quality (I mean low resolution). It is nice, if we have at least 200x200 sized images, or (which is better) vector images.

At the moment we don't have any artist which could draw for us such image assets.

So the question is - where did you actually get the mnemonic pics? Have you drawn them by yourself, or you just used already existing images, which is located in the link you provided?

Anyway nice to meet you, and hope we shall some time play Chu Shogi or another Large-board variant of shogi.

P.S. By the way, do you have any page on Facebook? There is a Chu Shogi group, maybe we can find each another there and write one to another sometimes?

Sincerelly yours Alex Trick

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