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Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-05-13 UTC

I am replacing the notion of a contributor account with direct counts of someone's published and unpublished submissions. These will be used to limit how many new submissions someone can submit before the editors review and publish them. Those with no published submissions will be limited to 3 unpublished submissions. Those with one published submission will be limited to 4. Those with 2 to 8 published submissions will be limited to 6. And those with 9 or more published submissions will be limited to 9 unpublished submissions at a time.

One reason for this limitation is to replace the 1MB limitation on daily uploads. I am replacing the upload scripts with a new file manager. An early version is already in the editing links. It isn't complete yet, but it already allows both uploading and deletion of files, and it displays images with data about the images. The current version should be stable, and I will continue working on it under a different file name, so that I don't disrupt anything for users. Anyway, the new file manager works by allowing you to upload no more than 2MB of files for a given submission. Without the 1MB daily restriction, someone could upload a lot by creating multiple submissions, but limiting the number of unprocessed submissions puts a stop to this.

If it turns out that contributors really need more than 2MB per submission, adjustments can be made later.

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