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H. G. Muller wrote on 2020-04-20 UTC

Nice application of the Interactive Diagram. I didn't try to digest this game yet, but I have a general question about your presentation. Your article contains this list of piece descriptions in English. Do you think it makes sense to have the Interactive Diagram, or perhaps the Design Wizard for the diagram, produce such a list automatically? For most pieces it will not be that difficult to 'rephrase' a Betza move description in English. And your list for these games could serve as guidance for what we want a description to say. (E.g. for Gold = WfF, should we make it say "moves one step orthogonally, or one step diagonally forward", or "moves one step in all directions, except diagonally backwards".)

If the Design Wizard would generate such a list, the author could just copy-paste that in his article, and perhaps add some further explanations for the more complex pieces, or change any wording he did not like. The first column should really be images, I think. Just having the piece name there, and then starting the description also with the piece name, is a bit double. It would already be helpful if a table was generated with all piece images in the first column, and the name in the second, so that the author could write the move decription after the text. But for simple pieces also generating a reasonable text should not be too difficult.

What do you think?

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