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Fergus Duniho wrote on 2020-04-04 UTC

I have just changed the text in queryinc.php to Featured Pages or to Featured Games when the Game type is selected. I am weeding through the currently featured games. I am checking how many members have favorited a game, its average rating and how many ratings it has, how popular it is on Game Courier, and whether it has a chapter in Pritchard's Popular Chess Variants or Gollon's Chess Variations. For now, I'll continue to feature games that meet one of these criteria. But I will list below some games that just scrape by and might be worth dropping from being featured:

  • Avalanche Chess is mentioned in PCV, but it hasn't proven popular on the CVP.
  • Capablanca Random Chess has a few positive reviews, though most don't actually mention the game. It is favorited by one member.
  • Dragon Chess by Gary Gygax is favorited by four members.
  • Janus Chess is favorited by five people.
  • Los Alamos Chess is favorited by one member. It has some positive reviews, but two are anonymous. I know it is of historical interest.
  • Magnetic Chess is favorited by two people, and Pritchard has a chapter on it in PCV.
  • Minishogi is favorited by four people.
  • Odin's Rune Chess has six excellent reviews and a good one, but it is the favorite of only one person, and it is fairly unpopular on Game Courier.
  • Raumschach is favorited by three people, and I believe Dickins mentions it in A Guide to Fairy Chess
  • Star Trek Tridimensional Chess is favorited by one person and has only two reviews, but it is very well known, and expensive sets are sold for it.

The following games do not meet any of the criteria above and are being unfeatured for now:

  • Byzantine Chess
  • Chess with Batteries has one review and is favorited by one person. It is not played on Game Courier.
  • Countdown
  • Crazy 38's is favorited by one person and has two good reviews. The one person who favorited it says in his review that he has not played it.
  • Diamond Chess
  • Flip Chess and Flip Shogi are favorited by one person, have no reviews, and are unplayed on Game Courier.
  • Pocket Knight
  • TenCubed Chess is favorited by only two people and is fairly unpopular on Game Courier.

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