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This page is written by the game's inventor, Kevin Pacey. This game is a favorite of its inventor.

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Kevin Pacey wrote on 2020-01-11 UTC

Thanks for the detailed reply, Greg

Have you tried chess or Hannibal Chess with ChessV's capabilities with the purpose of seeing if either has the best starting setup possible? In the case of Hannibal Chess, Joe told me he could think of lots of [playable] possibilities in the opening, at least at first sight I guess. A couple of things do worry me about the setup for Hannibal Chess - one is that the king's side rook's pawns of either side can come under pressure (real or imagined) diagonally, the other thing is that in the opening the elephants might somehow rush through the centre, diagonally, e.g. causing possible problems for a knight or knight's pawn (or, next, a rook).

Still, I am reluctant to change the Hannibal Chess setup now that well over a dozen games of it have been played and finished on GC - I'd basically want to make a new, slightly altered version(s) of it as a new CV(s), if I were to now do anything more with Hannibal Chess. Anyway, I'm not all that great with modern computers or software (partly a question of possibly needing substantial time to learn, and health that's not ideal), so in the case of Hannibal Chess and some other CVs of mine, before finalizing their setups I included checking for a few of my favourite chess openings (or ones I thought suspect) and tried to tell if they were still playable (or not so much, still) in the new CV idea I had. Clearly this won't work for CVs that are very un-FIDE-like, but many of my ideas so far are rather FIDE-like.

Also, I'm wondering if ChessV has limits on what it can help determine the best setup for, in case of very large CV board sizes and many powerful pieces being used (such as in my old 10x10 Sac Chess CV) - if only since the number of legal moves per turn on average would be staggering (maybe not for AlphaZero to learn?).

Before your suggestions on how I might change Hannibal Chess, I was already up to 14 CV ideas I'd rejected, but now am reconsidering. If I start submitting all them, it'll be a while before I get around to other stuff, other than on paper. :)

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