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This page is written by the game's inventor, Charles Gilman.

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George Duke wrote on 2018-04-27 UTCExcellent ★★★★★

Parton made Neutral King in 1953, where player has own orthodox pieces but the King is co-owned and

yet has to be checkmated.  Simple and elegant.  Most of Gilman's CVs are hurt by overcomplications in

piece-moves, odd board sizes, too many special rules, or attempt hybridizing Eastern chesses with forced

templates.  Once in a while he strikes paydirt such as AltOrthHex idea of splitting up the hexagonal Rook

into two, though nobody has really done anything with that either.  

Neutral Subject realizes that Parton's Mutator has wider applicability. Here player only has King and Queen to begin.  Neutral pieces get moved and then assigned to one side or the other.  The criterion to assign is applied at end of each turn according to hypothetical attack of each 'Neutral' on any piece already assigned.  Who wouldn't want more pieces rather than fewer? Many other CVs could be made in this genre of the pieces on board not belonging to either army initially.  

Charles' novel CV invention, expanding on Parton, gets somewhat awkward explanation in his essay. Like Aronson and Howe with Rococo, great idea is not followed up with clear summary fully disambiguating.

Still in all, there could be other ways to set up the bazaar of recruitment to build the forces in subvariants and new CVs this type of possible breakthrough Mutator.



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