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Greg Strong wrote on 2018-04-01 UTC

Thank you for the link.  This seems to clarify everything.  Quote:

There are no restrictions on squares to be dropped on or moved to. In shogi, a piece can only be dropped in its unpromoted state. In kyoto, a player can choose which side up to drop a piece. In shogi, only one unpromoted pawn per player is allowed on each file. In kyoto, two pawns are possible on one file. It is legal to drop a pawn to give mate in Kyoto, but not in shogi, although this rule seems unnecessary as a hifu could be dropped as a rook with the same effect.

It also says:

Tamiya prefers a repetition of a position to be a draw. However this rule is subject to review if playing experience suggests it is better changed. One possibility would be that repeating a position three times would lose for the player whose move brings about the initial position of the sequence, unless the position is repeated by checks, in which case it is a loss for the checking player. These repetition rules are for completeness only and they are very rare cases anyway. Another rule concerns the kings: Tamiya writes, "Exposing the white bells loses," meaning that inverting the king, intentionally or otherwise (!), acts as resignation.

Finally, it also states that the official name of the game is "kyoutoginkakukinkeihifushougi". Good heavens! I think I'll leave this page named as it is so people don't think my cat walked across the keyboard!

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