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Aurelian Florea wrote on 2018-01-28 UTC

I think it is a nice alternative to the gold general, although it could actually be weaker than a regular gold general as when it has to retreat it needs two more moves to get back into the fight. The back knight move that is not towards the king could border uselessness but the number of variations is huge so I could very well be wrong :)!

The copper generals start basically in hand indeed :)! But this presentations is confusing, I'm sure that eventually wdtr2 will notice.

And Greg,

I'm glad you like this game as, in order to spill the beans , it will be published as an entry point to shogi variants, in  a new international shogi magazine. Me and wdtr2 will write the article as proposed by lady shogi professional and magazine chief editor and promoter Karolina Styczynska. Although I did proposed a slight modification from the rules written here and wdtr2 has agreed, meaning the promoted form of the lance will no longer be a vertical moves but a side mover. That is because side attacking comes more handy at the point of promotion as usually there is not much more forward to go by. Also still under debate in order to make the game more balanced, as probably know first player's advantage is increased,maybe only white should start with the copper in reserve and black should start with the copper in pocket, thereby blocking it :)! What do you guys think about those 2 modifications :)!

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