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Greg Strong wrote on 2018-01-28 UTC

To be honest the promoted knight description should be rephared but I know what I'm talking about as me and wdtr2 have already talked about it :)! The Betza notation would be fFfsWbbN. Meaning it can make all the three forward steps and the two sideways steps. It can also jump to the two rearmost orthdox knigth squares. So it is a almost gold general with the back moves modified, or at least that was the point :)!

Got it.  What threw me was the phrase "Has 1 forward movent diagonal or orthogonal".  It has three forward movements.  Perhaps he meant moves a single space, but that can't be because it also says "2 side movements left and right", but those are single-space moves also, and there are two of them.  Anyway, I think this is a nice piece that would be very interesting in a shogi setting, but the description needs rewriting.

Indeed the square where the copper general starts is not a pocket square. Personally I think about it as a reserve square, that is used for holding the copper general initially and nothing else. The pockets are permanently in the one player's ownership which it never changes. But I'm not sure if that was your last question.

No, that wasn't really my question.  If you look at the presentation of the game, you have a main board in the middle.  Then players have two green squares each, one with a copper.  Then, further out, you have the space where pieces-in-hand stay while they are waiting to be dropped.  It seems to me that the Copper Generals are just pieces-in-hand waiting to be dropped.  Why are they on green squares that look like, but are not, pocket squares?  That just seems wrong.  What I was asking was whether the color of the square itself changed from green to blue after the copper was dropped - like the way the launch squares in Brouhaha disappear when you move off of them.  That would help to clarify that they are not pocket squares (it looks like each player has 2 pockets.)  But really, the coppers should just start in-hand like any other captured piece waiting to be dropped.  This presentation is confusing and counter-intuitive.

But this does look like a nice, promissing game!  Just needs a little tweeking to the description and we'll get it published.


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