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This page is written by the game's inventor, Jens Nielsen.

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Walter_Montego wrote on 2003-06-13 UTC
I think It's Your Turn's version of Dark Chess is the best that I've
played so far. I do not like the versions on the chess variants site as
much. They capture the pieces and don't show you what your piece could
see before it was captured and do not have a review feature. Plus the
Pawns only move one square all the time and don't show you what's in
front of them if they can't move there. It is less information and makes
the game too lucky. It's Your Turn allows in-passing (en passant) Pawn
captures. It is important in the play of the game! BrainKing's set up is
almost the same as It's Your Turn's, but they handle the promotion of
Pawns differently. BrainKing doesn't show the Pawn removed from the board
nor mention that an extra piece or a regained piece is on the board.
 I went to Zillions of Games, but wasn't able to get the Dark Chess
download to play. I sure would like to have a home version. It'd be cool
to set up two screens and play an opponent live. Chess played Battleship
style. I'd want to use It's Your Turn's rules, though I wouldn't mind
having the option of trying different rules, too.
 The Dark Chess II game has an twist in its rules by not allowing a move
into check. If the game worked like It's Your Turn's version and let you
see where you pieces could move to prior to being captured, it might be a
pretty good game. I'd have to play it a few times and see. I'm used to
the 'move into check, lose the game' rule. Not allowing a move into
check would make the game more like Kriegspiel.

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