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Kevin Pacey wrote on Sun, Nov 26, 2017 03:37 AM UTC:

Hello Aurelian (and also to wdtr2)

You're correct about the frog movements - I think my submission gives these, although I had written that a frog's leap is "orthogonal" (a popular term on this site), which may not be as clear as I had hoped - it's moving/leaping along a rank or file, in plain terms. By being able to leap an odd number of squares (exactly three of them) this way, a frog is not a colour-bound piece. I discovered fairly early that frogs can be a bit dangerous at times even in the opening, so in a way I'm glad I kept the whole standard chess army, i.e. with just 2 frogs only (on a 10x8 board, that is)

I'm again looking for a block of time, to do preset(s) for playing Frog Chess, as I hope to eventually (unless I have trouble with any new hurdles in making it/them).

I tried to make a 10x8 (or even 8x8) variant with a chess army plus Waffles included work to my own satisfaction, but I didn't and probably won't in future if I try again. Maybe someone else might take up the cause, although I am currently toying with the idea of a 12x8 variant like Courier Spiel (that has standard chess army plus 4 extra pieces, aside from extra pawns per side), where I might use 4 different pieces besides the standard chess army, or even be really ambitious and try to invent something like "Courier Spiel With Unlike Forces" (i.e. analogous to Betza's Chess With Different Armies). However it mght not ever be popular enough to justify the effort, especially as I don't do rules enforcing presets too well yet. I could also use board(s) with more than 8 ranks in some future variant(s) to include in each side's army a lot of fairy chess pieces, perhaps including Waffles, or those of other variant ideas I rejected earlier in my Diagram Testing Thread too. But next week may not give me much spare time to even ponder it all...

[edit: Here's a variant idea of mine that could be called Lancer-Chess, which I'll study at leisure (it has the same fast castling rules as for my earlier Wide Chess):]

[edit: Here's a variant idea of mine that could be called Kirin Chess, which I'll study at leisure (it has the same fast castling rules as for my earlier Wide Chess):]

[edit: Here's a variant idea of mine that could be called Horse-Wazir Chess, which I'll study at leisure (it has same fast castling rules as for my Wide Chess variant):][edit2: I'm not liking these 3 diagrammed CV ideas so much now - perhaps they are all worse versions of e.g. Hannibal Chess, Frog Chess or Waffle Chess:]

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