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This page is written by the game's inventor, Susannah Thorarinsson.

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Ben Reiniger wrote on 2017-11-19 UTC

Can you play an additional king to the board?  If so, how does check/mate work?  Do queened pawns count as suit-less queens for the poker hand?  [It seems you can't under-promote?]

The instructions video says the responses to a raised bet are "fold, call, see", but aren't the latter two the same in usual poker?  In the video after "see" the players' hands are revealed; does that mean "see" is actually ending the round?  Does the response "call" also take that player's turn?

It might make sense for giving checkmate to actually provide a benefit; maybe even a small one like "draw a card"?  Anyway, that's a suggestion with no playtesting on my part.

Lastly, your introductory video makes a case for this game being computer-resistant.  We've had such discussions on this site before, and I would be hesitant to say that this game can actually hold its own against computers, if any programmers got the mind to work on it.  [Poker pros were recently beaten by computer, and the hard part there is the uncertainty and bluffing.  Since chess has been CPU-winnable for a while, I would expect it wouldn't be hard to teach the poker-AI to win this game.]

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