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Kevin Pacey wrote on 2016-12-07 UTC

Hi Fergus

My quandry is, I'm now thinking I should show actual reflecting bishop & squirrel figurines (rather than bishop & knights figurines) in the Introductory page setup diagram (i.e. as in my preset's current setup diagram). However, I recall the Diagram Designer doesn't support circular chess types of diagrams (I also recall attempting to make such a diagram). I've yet to learn another way to make such a circular diagram, excluding within a preset itself.

I'm not sure how fussy I should be. For example, the setup diagram on the Introductory page to the regular Circular Chess preset has the files labelled, while the diagram for its preset has no such labelling (presumably due to a technical problem doing so); otherwise those diagrams are the same. Potential good news in my case is that I discovered that the Auto Utrecht piece set found within the Diagram Designer seems to have matching figurines for the setup diagram that I used on the Introductory page to my preset, but there is still the vexing matter of whether to use reflecting B & squirrel figurines, instead of minor pieces. If I did, the Auto Utrecht piece set lacks these pieces' exact figurines, though I might consider using upside down minor piece figurines for them instead, if I used the Auto Utrecht piece set (or I could omit the Introductory page setup diagram entirely, as other folks have done in the past). P.S.: I decided against this; I duplicated the Introductory page setup diagram perhaps as best I could, as far as the Preset setup diagram went, which I think is what you were requesting.

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