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George Duke wrote on 2016-09-20 UTC

Three errors have been corrected in games (1) to (4) of last comment.

(5) VLADIMIR PUTIN Falcon Chess? That is 22149393-11544, same as 22144343-11544. Vladimir Putin Chess is on 10x10 therefore, following each RN (Rule Number) of first two pages of article. Pawns move like Chaturanga one-step Pawns, but promote to any piece including Queen. Knight adds Wazir option, Falcon adds Ferz option. Bishop is Crooked Bishop or "Boy Scout," and Queen is medium up to five spaces only. The above is pretty clear game, but RNs 11, 12 and 13 add two new pieces and a board effect. King-one-stepping Immobilizer sits on Queen-front e2 with Pawn on e3. Promoter (see namesake CV) moves like Falcon and starts on King-front f2 with Pawn on f3. Finally any Pawn has triangular effect where own two pieces/pawn forming right angle at the Pawn transfer strictly their moves powers one to the other (the hypotenuse pair where 90 angle exists).

Well, Russia is complicated.

All other rules the same.

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