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This page is written by the game's inventor, George Duke.

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George Duke wrote on 2016-09-20 UTC

As recalled, there may be explicitly only Capablanca Random, Fischer Random, and Falcon Random Chess, though some other CVs provide for varying backrank. Fischer died in 2008 9 years ago -- you can always remember because he lived *64* years, if you know date of birth 1943.

Nowadays there is an F.I.D.E. policy, juvenile or dangerous as it seems, of squelching so much as mention of CVs except for the two national forms from Japan and China. Fischer and the few FRC adherents, such as through CVPage since, have never named (in words that is) the supposed 40 or 80 preferred initial set-ups. Apparently they do not think it important enough, and their reference Fischer Random is more or less lip service though there is some regular play at Game Courier. Whereas, in Falcon Random Chess, utilizing the four fundamentals, not just the three, all 80 and more important arrays have been named for five or seven years.  For example, Nanook Rook is BFNQRRKNFB and Folk Falcon is NBRQFFKRBN. With either form, Simpleminded 8x8 or full-size 80 squares (fewer than Shogi), the 80 or so starting positions each recommended are enough to make programming something of a headache for a while since openings do figure into results.

For other probably better ways to thwart computers, see follow-up comments at the topic "Computer Resistant CVs" but changing randomly start position is one partial solution.

Actually BrainKing still plays CVs and I will use my membership there, in abeyance a year or two, to catch up what is getting played most.

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