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George Duke wrote on 2016-09-14 UTC

For another fun quote, Isaac Newton (1643-1727) weighs in pp. 448-449 of Ernst Mach's 'Science of Mechanics' 1919 from original 1883:

The giant mind of Newton did not disdain to employ itself on the interpretation of the Apocalypse.  On such subjects it was difficult for a sceptic to converse with him.  When Halley once indulged in a jest concerning theological questions, he is said to have curtly repulsed him with the remark: "I have studied these things; you have not!"

So Newton was defensive of studying apocalypse and exegesis.  These twenty recent poems 2000-2009 do re-make the compiled Chess Moralities pre-1500.  Supposedly during middle ages in Europe the Bible was most copied (#1 b. s.) and CMs second most (#2) before printing. In the modern Chess Morality Number II of 2001, "The Book of Chesse" replaces Revelation as it were, since actual ancient Chesse out of India did start between the times of early Christian founding and early Islam.

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