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Kevin Pacey wrote on 2016-01-12 UTC
I'm having trouble playing my games with you, Carlos. I managed to play my first move at Sac Chess, but not my second move after receiving your reply. I encountered the same problem as I had in our game of Glinski's Hexagonal Chess right away, in that I had no way made available to me to move (or Preview a move). I switched my browser to Firefox in attempting to shed the problem, and had trouble even visiting this website for a short while (maybe it was just down?). Now I'm back, but my troubles playing haven't gone away after switching browsers. Perhaps Fergus can help. Fwiw, I sent Fergus the following email, while I still could not yet visit this website again:

"Hello Fergus
I made my first move with White against Carlos in my Sac Chess game with him. I tried to make my first move as White against Carlos in our game of Glinski’s Hexagonal Chess, but was unable to because unlike for the Sac Chess game log webpage, many options were not presented to me on this game’s Game Courier log webpage, including a space to enter my move, or a button to Preview a given move I’d make. Figuring the problem was with my old browser, I finally decided to switch browsers in an attempt to shed the problem, clicking on Firefox (a suggested browser option on the webpage of my Hexagonal game). After I managed to download Firefox and set up a Firefox account, I was able to use Firefox to get to any number of my Favourite websites successfully using Firefox as my browser, except when I tried to visit The Chess Variant Pages I was not successful, in that a message appeared saying “502 Bad Gateway” and below that was “nginx” as well. Please let me know if the website is down (or whether I might have done something wrong), and pass on to Carlos that I am having trouble continuing to play our games, especially if he is not having trouble seeing The Chess Variant Pages website too (I received his reply with Black to my first move in the Sac Chess game, but clicking on the link also showed the Bad Gateway message.
Yours truly, Kevin"

[edit: on the bright side, the problem I had viewing the Berolina Pawn webpage (or unfavouriting it if I wish to) has disappeared.]

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