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George Duke wrote on Sat, Aug 29, 2015 03:33 PM UTC:
Right, thanks, I'll try reformat the next edit, and  there are references to Notes in text without the material mentioned yet there under Notes. Sorry the somewhat preliminary state. 'Notes' have paragraphs to add about Yellow Brick Road size and spacing and theory on neutralizing effect on White First Move, so will try to do most of it in one Draft, including links to the politics of WoO not in order yet.  
Plus, a separate CV for 64 squares alone and the best locations for the 4 to 6 special squares smaller size 64.  
At least it is complete unambiguous Rules set for one 10x10 CV so far, and one subvariant for the Mutator I think is important to record.  Mutator gives two-Move Chess expansion with no effect for the first Move.

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