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George Duke wrote on 2013-12-29 UTC
Simpleminded Chess is limited to 3 basic pieces, Castle, Cheval, Cleric, though Dr. Friedlander kindly euphemizes "Easy Chess," /play/erf/EasyChss.html.  Like training wheels on a bicycle or multiplication table, Easy Chess must endure for schoolchildren to learn the 8 Queen lines.

What was happening one last day of December? "End of the World: How Rome Fell -- and Why"/:  Roman-ruination 5th century also is enlightened for two geographic-endpoints inaugurations: Ireland saving and copying all classical books and Indian civilization inventing Chess away from Eurasian barbarians.  In the above linked chapter's ninth from last full paragraph, it says "If anyone skipped a grade, he was -- like a piece on a board  game -- to be returned to his starting point."

The XIII Morality "Numerology," ten years old this week, has "Luna: seven hills betoken by twelve vultures" of Rome's founding 1200 hundred years earlier.  

Mathematical complement to (R + N + B) in sum, each 6 of 12 Falcon forms are mirrors of the other 6, so either six alone defines:  / chapter from Thomas Cahill, HtISC (1995)

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