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(zzo38) A. Black wrote on 2012-11-20 UTC

Sorry, I do not understand these rules very well. Could you please clarify?

"All killed pieces from Predators` side may be transform to friendly Aliens`pieces (the pieces infected by the Aliens become as they, f.exp. Alien Bishop, Alien Rook, Alien Knight, Aliens Pawns and so on). To transform pieces in Alien's can only Aliens Kings." -- I do not completely understand that last part. I assume an "Aliens Kings" is an Amazon but I still don't understand this rule very well. Does it mean that the pieces can only be replaced on the board as black pieces if captured by an Amazon?

"It is not obligatory and depend from desire of Aliens." -- Does this mean if Black captures a White piece, he can optionally place a black piece of the same kind on the positions specified but gets only one chance to do so? (A variant of variant, may be that it is obligatory? In such a case, if there is no legal position, then you are not allowed to make that capture.)

"Object of the game for both players is to checkmate the opponent`s all Kings." -- But, White only has one King, and Black has no Kings. From the Setup description though, it seem that the Amazons (known as "Aliens Kings", but I think should be called Amazons for less confusion) count as Kings for this rule? Even if so, you should clarify it.

"Pawns from Predators side may be promoted only to killed pieces from own side" -- Does it mean a captured piece, what happen if if it is transformed to friendly Aliens pieces, and what abouts pawns on other side?

"The difference in rankings between two players usually determines the hadicap. In this game handicap may be: 1 Alien, 2 Aliens, 3 Aliens and 4 Aliens." -- If this refers to the number of pieces Black starts with, it contradicts "In the first phase the Black take turns to drop pieces (Al) on the board first, second or third row on any square. But not in one row diagonal or ortogonal." since you cannot place four pieces in three rows under these conditions. But maybe I misunderstood what this rule means. (You also misspelled "handicap", and various other words.)

(I also think the notations should be each piece one letter only; but that isn't the point of the above, and is simply my opinion.)

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