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This page is written by the game's inventor, Charles Gilman.

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George Duke wrote on 2012-06-08 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
This wasn't modified since put up over 8 years ago. Recapitulative could be Charles Gilman's contribution to save 8x8. Recently Winther's Valiant Chess does that, if it were taken up by the masses of grandmasters. Valiant Chess solution is to give certain Pawns a one-time Knight disruptive move at their rank five. Another current topic by Larry Smith and Jeremy Lennert resurrects Compromise Chess, a great CV. The main problem with Compromise might be selection near and at the end game. What about tournaments using this Recapitulative piece promotion, Ferz to Queen at the pawn rank, and Alfil to Bishop at the pawn rank? And Dabbabah to Rook ''through Castling'' as Gilman puts it. That posits the unknown several centuries before 1500 years ago having not Rook but some Wazir or rather Dabbabah, as this text covers, one of Gilman's first few cvs. My solution is to shun Fischer Random, stay with fixed array or two or three at a time, eliminate Draw 1/2 points by seeing which King controls d4-d5-e4-e5 at the end, and allow the Winther Pawn drive up to twice a game: basically a vote for the Winther Pawn drive, being natural from already special rank 5. Notwithstanding Gilman's pointing early this year to some Doublewide of his for the masses, I think this Recapitulative is better candidate Track I replacement than each and all of his separate-cv-write-up of (other) Modest Variants, Modest_CVs, and all the Double- and Nearly-Double ones. x.

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