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George Duke wrote on 2012-05-09 UTC
'M&B16 Diverging Further' has the accompanying comment on suffixes RightBlinker and Leftblinker. On 6.January.2012 started this one by one search for example and definition each suffix,, one could say that twelfth day of xmas and first day of epiphany not by happenstance.  
Most discussion has been on -Hopper, but also covered are Lady, Hound, Dueller, Guide and Scout. There are more than these 150 suffixes listed because sometimes Charles Gilman defines a prefix instead that serves same generic purpose to accomodate multiple p-ts and ought to make the list. For instance Nervous as prefix defined in M&B16. More suffixes remain in comments only, and still more I would add for multi-path pieces that Gilman tends to exclude. So we get offshoots of 3-path -Falcon utilizing the logical suffix, 4-path -Scorpion using that particular chosen suffix, and so on. Easily then there are 200 suffixes to elucidate not only the 150 formally here already. However, about 100 belong to Square geometry being highlighted. Four-year-old M&B16 has unusually high number of CV citations of examples from Outback to Tetrahedral, and the Blinker usages are just about a paragraph. Related and unmentioned there is Centennial Rotating Spearman, having half directions capture and half move only. What separate suffix applies to that p-t subclass, justifying the omission?

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