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Charles Gilman wrote on Sat, Mar 10, 2012 08:58 AM UTC:
Well sometimes I combine two variations to the basic game, either of my own or of soeone else's, but that makes for a genuinely very different game. I cannot think of any real literary parallel. The closest that I have come to the 'multiple drafts' that I was talking about was my attempts at hex analogues of Xiang Qi. Even so, they number just three pages, and I judge that necessary for variants on boards of such different shape and size. Contrast with A. Black's Shogi variants, page after page each with just the standard Shogi array plus some piece in front of the King. They could easily have been put on the one page with the one array diagram and and a list of what the extra piece's name and move is in each variant. Contrast with Mats Winther's bifurcating-piece pages, each only a link to a page on his own website. Again, these could have been presented as a page for each board with a series of links per CVP page, again plus a basic array diagram with a list of alternative pieces. Had I had a mind to create a chain of alternative 'I'm a(n) [insert name of piece], Get Me Out of Here' variants, rather than a one-off punning on the name of someone in the news, I would have done it all on the one page with the one array diagram.

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