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This page is written by the game's inventor, Charles Gilman.

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Charles Gilman wrote on 2012-03-08 UTC
This variant is safe because it has an implementation. It is not very chesslike by the criteria discussed on another current thread - it has terrain, few piece types, and no royal piece - and it is driven by its theme, but someone liked it enough to implement it.
	Of course I'm always glad when I produce a variant that others like, but I do feel that I've achieved it rather without trying in this case. I put a lot less thought and effort into this variant than I did my more recent variants, or even others of the same year. It was also less well worded than my usual standard, until I had constructive criticism to respond to. I will not however be modifying the array diagram to mark the terrain.
	How many people actually know the origins of the title? Ir was whipped off the page very quickly. Substituting the name of a chessman for 'celebrity' is not in itself very witty. Why use a Wazir? Why not a Knight, or a Steward, or a Silvergeneral? It began as a pun on the name of a terrorist leader. Do you still like it so much? Hopefully it won't put you off the game itself.

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