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Charles Gilman wrote on 2012-02-10 UTC
The indexing is complete, and on the whole it has served a purpose. As well as enabling readers to find which page a piece is on, it has exposed some weak namings and overused initials that I have seen fit to fix. Hopefully the renamings have come nearly to an end now, as I have had more waves of it than I had hoped, and the current names can bed down. One final piece that I am considering renaming is Horn+Princeling, as my current suggestion of Assassin is used for other pieces, including in a variant found beyond the CVP here and here. It is also not that closely tied in with Usurper for the corresponding symmetric piece. The alternative that I am thinking of is Pretender, meaning one whose claim to a throne is not widely recognised.

I am still considering names for new pieces, especially pieces restricted to directions marked on a Take-the-Brain-style board. I'm still trying to think of one for a Double Rhino so restricted. Here is the list that I am currently contemplating:
Alderney - Dabbarider-Elephrider alternator
Auk - Elephrider-Cobblrider alternator
Birdbrain - Falcon with first step restricted to marked directions
Goblin - Gorgon with first step restricted to marked directions
Loon - Lion (alone or as part of a longer name) with first step restricted to marked directions
Redner - Ferz-Zombie alternator
Render - Wazir-Commuter alternator
Sabretooth - Rankwitch+Colourtiger
Tigress - Colourwitch+Ranktiger
Traveller - Treburider+Tripper
Truck -Tripprider+Trebuchet

The last two are partial riders of the Trilby. Ideally I would like to use ten similarly-themed names starting with Tr- for partial riders of fellow MAB 06 pieces the Triffid, Trebizond, Tramp, Trapezium, and Trailer.

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