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This page is written by the game's inventor, Charles Gilman.

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George Duke wrote on 2011-02-14 UTC
15.February.2011 the 46th day generates cv#46, Dartboard Chess.  The Pawns will create the brisk climate of Dartboard Chess equally with the board.  Board happens to be the same five-wide as cv#44 Cyclohex. Eurofighter Pawn is last in the column of Pawns at ''M&B02: Shield Bearers'' and strongest that particular list.  Its initial double step option can mix orthogonal and diagonal, so as even capturing a second time the same opening move. Thus they are at maximum strength before moving at all.  So strategy would leave half or more of the Pawns unmoved in their array spots for defense, especially since pieces including King can step all ideal four-to-eight (10 the Cardinal etc.) directions from respective initial positions.  The all-regular pieces of Dartboard move normally except that the Rook's -- including the Marshall's Rook leg's -- move length depends on the file, numbered outside-in 1 to 5.  Lower-end initial piece density of 40% and that pawn enhancement for 100 racetrack squares/quadrilaterals are to balance top-heavy Carrera pointages in Queen, Marshall and Cardinal.   In nomenclature, there are also Dart Chess and Darts Chess,,

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