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Fergus Duniho wrote on 2011-01-06 UTC
You may submit your own games, but before you do you should make sure they meet the requirements. You should also bear in mind that submitting a game doesn't mean it will get featured. And if we do feature any of your games, you should expect it to be limited to your best and most popular variants. If we feature more than one of your games, you should expect that we will not feature similar games by the same inventor. If certain of your games fall in a certain class, it would be best to pick one among that class for submission here. The intended audience for games featured in the header are mainly casual browsers of this site, and the primary purpose behind it is to get them more interested in this site and Chess variants in general by featuring a variant that is likely to stir interest and can be played right away, whether against a good computer opponent or against an online human opponent. It is not so much for promoting a game among regular visitors, though it may have that effect to a lesser degree. Some of my own considerations in deciding what game to feature will be the state of the page and how well the game has been programmed for Zillions-of-Games and Game Courier. Since Xiangqi has a very well done page, and I have recently programmed Game Courier to let users use the mouse for all moves in Marseillais Chess, I expect to feature these games before too long.

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