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George Duke wrote on 2010-12-23 UTC
Around year 1540 Rabelais' 'Gargantua V Chapter 25',, ends after the live performance ''How the Thirty-two Persons at the Ball Fought'' with the hostess' departure in the last paragraph, ''Queen Whims vanished, so that we saw her no more from that day to this.'' 
Don't believe any closure though, since She did survive, who inspired regina rabiosa, who had been with King Alphonso X for Grande Ajedrez having the Gryphon, and would resurface only year 1617 in Carrera's Centaur and Champion next-door to Rabelaisian France.  Queen Whims as Variants of Chess always in opposition to Caissan formalization. This ''CMXII:Piece-Makers'' exhibits right away the Falcon declaring ''Making such games out of full caprices.''  Synonymously, Caprices and Whims in to do what you will if fully in accord with nature.  By contrast actually representing the one Greek pantheon mortality is death of the great wilderness god Pan, already distorted, the true Pan memorialized this week exactly on accepted for convenience correspondent December 25 4 BCE?

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