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George Duke wrote on Tue, Jul 27, 2010 08:02 PM UTC:Excellent ★★★★★
''Meta-chess,'' which Yu Ren Dong today describes Gess as fullfilling, I used recently for Betza's Buypoint, What is the difference between a Cluster and a Meta-chess? In the degree of actualization. CVs could have stayed meta-chesses mostly back in the 1990s onwards. They instead diverged into the ones by ones by ones comprising Clusters, one or another totalling 20 or 25, we have today.  Classifications categorizing them all, the CVs, will bring them down to earth, the way classification of finite simple groups is accomplished. Gess as unique is Meta-chess and will probably stay that way and not get clustered by copycats and near-works.  Instead the original Gess may get a variant or two, or slight rules modification, and still be considered Archimedeans Mathematics Society's Gess; that makes it easier on everyone. Since my other comment five years ago I played Gess for the rating. Is it really Chess having only one piece-type that has to emerge fluctuating from play? Mind games like Gess, in their own spaces un-chess-like but strategic, the category ''Track Two Chess'' accomodates however far removed the standard 64-square f.i.d.e.

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